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At Safety Signs Express we sell a huge range of safety signage including construction safety signs, security safety signs, prohibition safety signs, warning safety signs, hygiene and catering safety signs, mandatory safety signs, first aid signs, transport safety signs and fire safety signs, all available in a variety of sizes and materials, at very competitive prices.

All our safety signage complies with the Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996.

We also sell other products that are not currently on our website such as floor graphics, projecting safety signs, safety, barrier and packaging tape, garage and environmental safety signage, stands, frames and safety signage accessories, pipeline tape and labels, quality assurance signs and tie tags and reflective traffic signs.

You can view our full catalogue of products and price list online or if you would like us to send you a free hard copy of the catalogue and price list please do not hesitate to contact us at If you would like to purchase a product that is in the catalouge but not on our website just drop us an email with the product details, delivery address and who to send the invoice to and we will despatch your items striaght away.

Can't find the safety sign you are looking for in either our brochure or on our website? Then look no further as we also offer a bespoke safety sign service. Whether you need a slightly different size to standard sizes, or you are ordering in bulk and would like your company name and contact details printed on them or you would like to mix and match wording and symbols or whether you need a completely unique safety sign tailored to your needs, we can do it all. Our services also stretch to small signs such as 'Loading Bay Keep Clear' or just with your logo on for example if you want to advertise your company whilst on site in the community. All you need to do is contact us at with your requirements and we will see what We can do for you.

All uk deliveries for safety signage and related products over £50 are free (although a £10 delivery charge will apply to bulky items). All other deliveries are £3.95 unless otherwise stated.

10% of company profits on sales of safety signs are donated to a range of local, national and international charities.

Buying Safety Signs from Safety Signs Express is a 'One Chili Task'

Safety Signs Express has made buying safety signs a 'one chilli task' as health and safety is complicated enough. Whether you want to buy safety signs direct from our website, or order by invoice, this short video takes you through the simple steps to achieve your 'one chilli task'.

First Aid Safety Sign Range

This vehicle carries a first aid kit safety sign

General First Aid Safety Signage

Transport Safety Sign Range

If you can't see my mirrors i cant see you safety sign

General Transport Safety Signage

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Free UK delivery on orders over £50 excl VAT


Warning buy safety signage from safety signs express and you will save money


We donate 10% of all our profits to local, national and international charities. So why not buy your safety signage from Safety Signs Express? We are cheaper than the rest and you can bless another in the process


What our customers say:

"Many thanks. Fantastic service as always!"

Facilities and Procurement Manager, Priory School

"We received your safety signs this morning and we are very pleased with them"

John Bradbury, Cottage Farm


Can't find the safety sign you require? Contact us now for a quote for a bespoke sign. No job too small.


Donations made to Bingham and the surrounding Nottinghamshire area by Safety Signs Express ~ Safety Signs Express are always looking at ways to help the local community. We are based in Bingham, Nottinghamshire and our most recent donations include free safety signs for a church in Muston and a banner to advertise a coffee morning at Chestnut Avenue Community Centre. Both of these ways of donating were brought to our attention by word of mouth via friends who live in the local community. We donate all the time to national and international charities but we also believe it is very important to look after people on our doorstep....Read more

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Our Latest Blog - Donations made to Bingham and the surrounding Nottinghamshire area by Safety Signs Express (posted 2nd May 2016)


Archive of Blogs from Safety Signs Express - 2016

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Archive of Blogs from Safety Signs Express - 2015

  • Scammers are now ordering safety signs (posted 5th June 2015) - Emails from scammers started off quite obvious to spot that they were fraudulent, not least due to the content regarding people overseas, (the daughter of Mr. Anuwat Thiansanat, former personal adviser to Mr. Sondhi Limthongkul) no less, who is under surveillance of the authorities and writing to us in the strictest of confidence, requesting our assistance to help her receive her father’s money and of course the very poor grammar, misspellings and the lack of understanding of the English more
  • Winner Of The Funniest Safety Signage Competition Announced (posted 13th March 2015) - At his work place, Roy was tasked to put signs on the new fire exit doors that had been installed. The sign read, “Emergency, Push handle down” and having seen the competition advertised on face book, he thought it would be amusing to stick one that was left over, onto the toilet cistern in the workshops. Roy says, “I must admit we must have been close to an emergency at times if the smell that comes out of there is anything to go by.” more
  • View the Entries into the Funniest Safety Signage Competition (posted 10th March 2015) - The funniest safety signage competition is now closed. We would like to thank all those who took the time to send in their entries. The Managing Director has picked a winning entry and the winner will be announced in the next few days on our website. In the mean time why not have a browse around the entries and see which one you think is the funniest safety sign? more
  • GD Associates and Safety Signs Express Donates to Age Concern Carlton (posted 17th February 2015) - Sadly, just before Christmas our Aunty died of Vascular Dementia at the age of 83. However, she leaves a lasting legacy behind her, of the years of voluntary service she gave to Age Concern Carlton, and it was with great pleasure that GD Associates and Safety Signs Express donated £300 to this great more
  • Advertising Safety Signage Online (posted 5th February 2015) - Back in September 2014, we posted a blog New Optimised Safety Signs Express Website Launched and we talked about the work we have done on our website to try and haul it out of its 'penguined' state. Only now, four months later, can we report we are at last seeing results in reaction to that more

Archive of Blogs from Safety Signs Express - 2014

  • Safety Signs Express Getting Ready for Chrsitmas (posted 19th November 2014) - Do you like our festive fire place? more
  • A Glimpse of Life Behind Safety Signs Express (posted 13th November 2014) - So what have the owners of Safety Signs Express been up to lately apart from selling lots of safety signs? Well you would be amazed. In partnership with Riverside Church we have started a new ministry - 'Glory In The Pub' - which is basically passing on the love of God through music.... read more
  • New Optimised Safety Signs Express Website Launched (posted 29th September 2014) - You may have noticed that we haven't blogged for a while on the Safety Signs Express website and that is because we have been completely focused on optimising the website. It is changes behind the scenes which you may not necessarily notice but important in order to improve our website search engine rankings.... read more
  • The Frustration of Tendering for Safety Signage (posted 5th August 2014) - I’m sure anyone completing tender documentation for any product on a regular basis will agree that it is a very frustrating process. There aren’t that many tenders that come up for just safety signage alone so I suppose I should be grateful for the ones that do but honestly, the process of supplying safety signage is so simple, why does it all have to get so complicated?.... read more
  • Safety Signs Express Lost in Translation (posted 10th July 2014) - During a recent holiday to Torrevieja in Spain, Safety Signs Express experienced a few hilarious, shoulder shaking moments, due to getting lost in translation. The first, receiving another round of drinks when what we was asking for was the bill, secondly receiving a litre ( 2 pints), as pictured above, of European Lager, when asking for a big beer, whereas every other restaurant up until that point had interpreted a big beer as half a litre, and thirdly, on a sightseeing tour of a submarine, Garry was being told to step aside and wait for people to pass but he thought he was being directed to exit the ship and was trying to open a sealed door. Had he been successful he would have promptly plopped into the sea..... read more
  • The Encroachment of the No Smoking Sign and Prohibition Signs (posted 17th June 2014) - From the age of about 14 years old (1986) I started smoking. Why? I was a very rebellious teenager and it was a naughty thing to do which I knew my parents would disapprove of and plus all my new influential friends were already smoking..... read more
  • Safety Signs Express donates to Friends of Kianjai (posted 9th June 2014) - Friends of Kianjai is a charity that was originally formed by a group of Kenyans and Europeans to send resources to Kianjai to enable locals to survive the impact of the drought which culminated in a famine in 2011. Due to the success of this initial project Friends of Kianjai have continued to support the community in a variety of ways and are currently raising money to build Rehama Respite Centre, in partnership with Vision Africa, which will be a school for disabled children in Kenya..... read more
  • Safety Signs Express donates to Soul Action South Africa (posted 27th May 2014) - In 2007 Soul Action SA founders, Phil and Rachel Bowyer, left their careers, family and home in the UK and arrived in Durban with their son Zac, only to be told by God to, “do nothing.” Eventually it became clear that God meant “do nothing…new,” which is when they began to visit and record details of existing work with the poor in South Africa..... read more
  • Safety Signs Express Launches New Product - Double Sided Fixing To Window No Smoking Sign (posted 1st May 2014) - At Safety Signs Express we like to listen to our customers and launching the double sided fixing to window no smoking prohibition sign, that meets the minimum requirement of the law, is just another example of Safety Signs Express going the extra mile to meet the needs of our customers..... read more
  • Safety Signs Express Spots Mistake on High Street Parking Sign (posted 23rd April 2014) - Since working in the safety signs industry we are always looking at other peoples signs wherever we go either commenting on good workmanship or noticing mistakes. This is probably very sad but living and breathing safety signs, it’s ingrained in our very being, the intricacies involved in making signs.... read more
  • Safety Signs Express Joins CMA Easter Egg Run (posted 14th April 2014) - The sun was shining when we left Bingham at 9.30am to meet with all the other motorcyclists at Nook car park in Anstey, Leicestershire. As it was the CMA Easter Egg Run the day started with an hour long service led by Committee members of CMA at St Marys Church in the centre of Anstey. The service consisted of a very warm welcome, lots of lively hymns accompanied with instruments, a talk about the work CMA do and prayers.... read more
  • Don't Forget About The Disabled When Buying Fire Exit Signs (posted 31st January 2014) - When completing a fire risk assessment for your building, safety signage is reviewed as part of this procedure, and it is important to think about if disabled people will be using the building. If this is the case it is helpful to use fire exit signs which include the pictogram of a wheelchair so it is clear that wheel chair users can use the same escape route as everyone else.... read more
  • Confused About Fire Exit Signs? (posted 20th January 2014) - Don’t be. Here are a few pointers to get you started: There are two main different design standards, BS5499 fire exit signs and NHS Wayfinding fire exit signs. which both conform to the new EN 7010 British Standard. BS5499 is the most popular design and NHS Wayfinding fire exit signs are an approved standard by the NHS for use within hospitals. In addition to using text, the running man and arrows, on fire exit hospital signs, flames are also included, as this has been proven to enhance the message when evacuating hospital premises..... read more
  • All About Safety Signage (posted 14th January 2014) - To comply with The Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996 employers are required to ensure safety signage is in place in situations where risks to health and safety have not been avoided by other means. Safety signage may also be required if it has been determined by carrying out a risk assessment that further control measures or precautions need to be taken and employers need to be warned or reminded of risks.... read more
  • Safety Signs Express Supplies Emergency Food Hampers (posted 13th January 2014) - Our final donation of £100 in 2013 was to Christians Against Poverty to help supply emergency food hampers at Christmas to families who suddenly find themselves in desperate financial situations and cannot afford to eat. Christians Against Poverty is a charitable organisation which offers hope and a real way out of debt. Giving a hamper at Christmas is all part of a bigger process to see families back on their feet, budgeting and saying goodbye to depression, worry and anxiety as they leave financial pressures behind..... read more
  • Safety Signs Express Averts Crisis at Christmas for Five Homeless People (posted 6th January 2014) - After a successful and jubilant 2013 selling construction site safety signs, first aid signs, fire safety signs, mandatory signs, prohibition signs, kitchen safety signs, transport signs and security signs, staff at Safety Signs Express left secure in the knowledge that as they were heading off full of Christmas cheer for a two week break, Safety Signs Express had donated £100 to Crisis At Christmas, so that five homeless people could also enjoy nine days of food, shelter and companionship over the Christmas period..... read more

Archive of Blogs from Safety Signs Express - 2013

  • Safety Signs Express donates £50 to Haywood House (posted 12th March 2013) - Sharon Marie Towsey was diagnosed with breast cancer just under a year ago and unfortunately this quickly spread to other areas of her body. She outlived the Doctors predictions of 6 months, and fought for almost a year, until it was time for the Lord Jesus Christ to take her into his loving arms. Sharon spent her last few weeks at Haywood House, which is a specialist palliative care unit, housed within Nottingham City Hospital..... read more
  • Scotland Vs Wales...The Real Experience (posted 7th April 2013) - Fed up of dark cold nights and being knee deep in fire safety signs, security signs and health and safety consultancy paperwork we decided it was time for a weekend away and brought tickets for the World Cup Qualifier match, Scotland vs Wales, which was held at Hampden Park on Friday 22nd March 2013, to experience a dark cold night in Glasgow instead..... read more
  • Stepping Out In God's Word (posted 30th April 2013) - So what else do the owners of Safety Signs Express do in their spare time? Read on to see how Garry stepped out in God's Word.... read more
  • when Illness Strikes and Safety Signs Express is Born (posted 28th May 2013) - When illness strikes life can change dramatically. Suddenly you are incapacitated to go to work creating a shortage on finances, you can’t drive, you can’t drink alcohol and suddenly you are facing a complete change in lifestyle. This has very recently happened to me and there is nothing like being ill to put life into perspective..... read more
  • See How You Can Save Money on Safety Signs (posted 26th June 2013) - Sit back and relax for a minute while we show you, what you are about to read, will change where you buy your safety signs from forever and how more and more companies are saving money on safety signs.... read more
  • How Safety Signs Express Built Their Own Website (posted 4th July 2013) - I'm Nina, the owner of Safety Signs Express, and my journey of website building started when I finished a media college course, as a mature student 10 years ago, where I learnt the basics of website building on a software package called Director 8.0. This sparked my interest in website building and soon after, I secured a part time marketing role with a community forum and supplied the local school with lots of information, so they could build a website on our behalf.... read more
  • The Importance of Safety Signs (posted 12th July 2013) - As much as we love selling safety signs to our lovely customers it is always good to get away and we recently had the pleasure of a week’s holiday in Tywardreath, Cornwall. One of our first walks was along the coastal path from Par Beach towards Polkerris Bay. When we reached the start of the coastal path we were disappointed to read a sign that the coastal path was closed due to a landslide, however, it said to follow the diversion route in place to get around this slight issue.... read more
  • All About First Aid Signs (posted 22nd July 2013) - All first aid signs are designed on a green background as this denotes a ‘safe condition’ sign which conforms with British Standard (BS5499) which is in line with the Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulation 1996 and is about maintaining a safe environment. The standard first aid symbol is a white cross and this is standardised throughout EU member states to ensure particular signs provide the same message wherever witnessed.... read more
  • Don't Ignore Safety Signs and Jump to your Death (posted 30th July 2013) - On a recent holiday in Cornwall, we visited Mevagissey Harbour, and we were horrified to see young teenage children jumping off the harbour wall into the harbour below, completely ignoring the prohibition signs. To a child, what more could you wish for, but on a hot summers afternoon, after school, to shed your sticky school uniform and jump into the inviting water.... read more
  • Safety Signs Express Launches Online Catalogue (posted 6th August 2013) - At Safety Signs Express we are continually developing our services to meet the needs of our customers and we are pleased to announce that we have now added our safety signs catalogue and price list to our website so that customers can view it online..... read more
  • Health and Safety at its Best at Robin Hood Festival (posted 12th August 2013) - The Robin Hood Festival that runs each year at Sherwood Forest County Park in Edwinstowe attracts thousands of visitors from around the world. This event is hosted by Nottinghamshire County Council so you can imagine that health and safety is of paramount importance to them. Just to name but a few, we noted some of the health and safety measures taken were as follows.... read more
  • Safety Signs Express Assist in the Fight to Stop FGM (posted 19th August 2013) - Womankind’s worldwide vision is of a fair world where being a woman does not limit choices, opportunities or rights. They work in partnership with women’s organisations to support women in Africa, Asia and Latin America to transform their lives and communities.... read more
  • Is This The Samllest Bedroom You Have Ever Seen? (posted 3rd September 2013) - We contemplated donating a mind your head sign from our selection of warning signs for sale at Safety Signs Express for this bedroom but decided to grin and bear it.... read more
  • New bespoke signage offered by Safety Signs Express (posted 26th September 2013) - Here at Safety Signs Express we are continually investing and developing our business services and we are now proud to announce we can offer a bespoke service supplying bespoke signage including small general signs and bespoke safety signs.... read more
  • Reduce Death and Injuries on Construction Sites by Buying Safety Signs from Safety Signs Express (posted 9th October 2013) - The 2nd of September saw the launch of a month long initiative of HSE inspectors visiting construction sites unannounced to carry out safety inspections. The aim of this campaign was to raise awareness to those working in the construction industry, that despite a welcome reduction in the number of people killed in 2012/13, construction workers remain nearly four times more likely to be killed at work than the average more
  • An explosive cocktail of Safety Signs, health and safety services and holidaying in Scotland (posted 17th October 2013) - Are you working for a living or living for a working? Read on to see how GD Associates (Nottingham) Ltd and Safety Signs Express manage businesses and holidays at the same more
  • Safety Signs Express Launches Another New Service: Building Risk Assessment for Safety Signs (posted 25th October 2013) - If you have acquired/refurbished a building and are unsure of what safety signs you require, Safety Signs Express can help. Maybe it is a new business such as a guest house or a hotel or maybe you are a construction company building new offices. Whatever the reason, we offer a service where an IOSH registered Health and Safety Consultant will complete a building risk assessment and provide you with a report of what safety signs are required for each room and a quote for these to be purchased from Safety Signs Express..... read more
  • Safety Signs Express Supports Hope For Justice (posted 1st November 2013) - Safety Signs Express sponsored a local Nottinghamshire business owner, who, with a love for running and a passion to help the fight against human trafficking, raised £400 for Hope For Justice, by running the Robin Hood Half Marathon on Sunday 29th September 2013.... read more
  • Safety Signs Express Reaches Out To Local, Vulnerable Children Through Circus Starr (posted 8th November 2013) - Circus Starr is an independent, charitable organisation that supports disabled, underprivileged and vulnerable children across the UK through a 75 venue circus tour held three times a year. They work with a wide range of community groups, children’s charities and special schools pioneering the promotion and accessibility of live performance to an audience frequently excluded from arts and cultural more
  • Safety Signs Express Helps Homeless Man - Part 1 (posted 2nd December 2013) - Safety Signs Express is owned by Christians and each month 10% of profits from sales of safety signage are donated to all kinds of good causes but it is not always registered charities that we give to and we trust in God to present us with opportunities to help individual people who are in need. In October 2013 Paul* was one of these people. Here is his story.... read more
  • Safety Signs Express Helps Homeless Man - Part 2 (posted 10th December 2013) - On that second night God was with Paul as a street pastor gave him a sleeping bag to help him keep warm and as he unrolled it he found a travel toothbrush and toothpaste. Also the storms in Nottingham were no where near as bad as predicted, however, it was still a tough night, and Paul was scared having already been assaulted in the street and his belongings stolen from him..... read more
  • Safety Signs Express Helps Homeless Man - Part 3 (posted 18th December 2013) - It’s a sobering thought that any one of us can become homeless at any time. It only takes the loss of a job, a loved one or illness. Paul’s case was slightly different. He thought he was paying the rent where he lived but unbeknown to him it wasn’t reaching its intended destination and unfortunately was being filtered by a third party...... read more


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Disclaimer: Please note designs of safety signage in our catalogue and on our website may vary slightly to those supplied due to being updated in line with amended safety sign regulations

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